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A Diaper Manufacturer Has a Long History!


Typically, making diapers isn’t a landmark in the human evolutionary timeline, but their production and distribution is just as crucial to today’s mothers as it was back in ancient times. In the past, American Indians would use wads of tightly packed grass underneath a rabbit fur cloth. On the other side of the world, small children in European countries were wrapped in swaddling bands.In other parts of the world, Diaper Manufacturers started adding small strips of linen that were crisscrossed along the lower body and legs similar to the strips of cloth worn by Yogis in India. In the colonial Western United States, soiled cloth diapers weren’t washed, but were instead hung out and left to dry in the sun. As you can imagine, severe diaper rash and infections were very common.

The First Mass Produced Cloth Diapers

Even as far back as the 1800’s, there was no such thing as a “diaper manufacturer“. Rather, small rectangles of flannel material or linen were used. Even the word “diaper” doesn’t refer to the cloth itself, but rather the pattern of geometric shapes on the fabric that was used at the time. The first mass produced cloth diapers were invented by Maria Allen in 1887. Going into the 1900’s, people started to better understand how diseases and conditions like diaper rash were spread, and mothers would often dump a large load of soiled cloth diapers into a boiling pot of water to disinfect and clean them. Once they were boiled, they were hung out in the sun to dry.

Diaper Delivery Service For Working Moms

The need for skilled laborers during World War I and II took mothers to work, and greatly increased demand for diapers and convenience. Back then, a diaper manufacturer delivery service would bring fresh, clean cotton diapers to working moms as they were needed. Cotton became more and more necessary for the war effort, so new disposable pad-like inserts started to become available for use in diapers – first invented in Sweden and rapidly spreading to the rest of the developed world.

Mom – The Original Diaper Manufacturer!

It doesn’t sound too far-fetched to think of moms as the original diaper manufacturer – simply because they took care of the household and the children, and needed a way to care for their babies that was also convenient and safe. Leave it to mothers to introduce things such as plastic snaps to replace the dangerous and sharp safety pins used in traditional diapers. Another mother is credited with inventing a two-piece disposable diaper and another still created what was marketed as the “Boater.” The Boater was the first real waterproof diaper and was made using shower curtain material wrapped around a regular cloth diaper to protect it from getting wet. They say that necessity is the mother of invention – and anyone could easily agree that these moms needed something convenient, easy to use, and versatile!

Since early times, the traditional “diaper manufacturer” has evolved from the basic necessities of mankind into a full-fledged marketing industry that is constantly improving and refining its diapers to create a more comfortable, convenient, and earth-friendly alternative for babies.

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